ChiroScan static surface EMG Back Scanning Software provides graphical & audio biofeedback of muscle activity from bilateral muscle sites from the neck down the length of the spine. The visually oriented display highlights elevated muscle activation at identified spinal positions & indicates left / right differences in balance across the spine.

In Addition to Visually Engaging Displays for You & Your Patients ChiroScan Also Provides:

  • Automated Data Collection
  • Color Coded Bars Compare Level of Muscle Activity to Normative Databases
  • Left / Right Imbalance Indicated in %
  • Multiple Report Templates with Text You Can Customize to Fit Your Practice
  • Patient Insurance & Referral Source Records Database
  • Back Scan Image May Be Printed in Color
ChiroScan™ Features:
  • Selection of 3 Colorful Images
  • Intuitive & Easy to Use Screens
  • Comes with Automated Patient Reports
  • Possible Spasm Indicator
  • Type your own Notes in Reports
  • Voice Prompts for Ease of Use
  • Fast & Accurate

Spinal Innervation Charts are provided that show the Physiological systems and organs that are supplied by the nerves under the region being scanned.

The example shows both EMG level and asymmetry information in a graphic image. Comments and clinical observations may be added as desired.

Left / Right differences in bilateral readings are expressed as a percentage. The percentage value appears on the side showing the higher reading.

ChiroScan is not a medical device & administration is not intended to provide a diagnosis.