The first step in an effective treatment program is to learn more about you. One way to begin is through the IncontiMed Checklist. This computer based questionaire asks a series of targeted questions designed to collect information on possible causes & types of incontinence.

The questions are presented in a yes / no format. This intelligent software tracks your responses & skips unnecessary items. The IncontiMed Checklist gives your healthcare provider a detailed report covering these standard questions. This allows more time for a personal follow-up on symptoms & issues that are important to you.

The IncontiMed Checklist can be added to an existing NeuroDynamix software system and called from the main software menu or may be purchased as a stand-alone application that does not require a NeuroDynamix instrument.

IncontiMed Checklist Features:
  • Runs on any Windows Based PC
  • Self Administered
  • Easy Yes / No Questions
  • Detailed Cause Groups
  • Symptom Grouping
  • Summary Cause Groups
  • Stress Level in Daily Living Due to Incontinence
Consists of Items Designed to Highlight Possible:
  • Cause of Incontinence
  • Type of Incontinence

Easy Yes / No Questions

See Results in Graph Format

Stress Level in Daily Living Due to Incontinence

The IncontiMed Checklist is not a medical device & administration of the checklist is not intended to provide a diagnosis