Channel Acquisition & Data Reporting of Physiological Data

NeuroGraph™ Features:
  • Multiple Display Options
  • Select Horizontal or Vertical Scrolling Displays
  • Select from Single or Multiple Physiological Measures
  • Switch Between Linear & Logarithmic Displays
  • Event Marker
  • Pre-Defined & User Configurable Automated Protocols
  • Graphic Images, Audio Prompts & Music Can Be Used as Stimuli or Protocol Instructions
  • Static & Dynamic User Defined Image Displays
  • One or More Images Can be Displayed Behind a Graph
  • Multiple Automated Report Templates

NeuroGraph Software Includes Pre-built Protocols:

Biofeedback for Relaxation Training


Chronic Pain

Anxiety & Hyper Tension

NeuroGraph is not a medical device & administration is not intended to provide a diagnosis.