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E-Wave (Discontinued) Nmes


An Effective and Easy To Use Device for Muscle Stimulation And Re-Education

E-Wave™ is an easy-to-use NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulator (NMES) designed to accurately deliver the desired intensity and frequency of electrical current using modern state-of-the-art technology. E-Wave™ is one of the safest stimulators in the world with safety features such as an electrode alarm, level locking, and a guaranteed constant current. It is a fully programmable, compact, battery-powered device with a digital on-screen display, an adjustable treatment timer and compliance meter, biphasic or monophasic waveforms (AC or DC), and an optional external trigger.

A Better & Safer Way To Manage Your Pain

Device Features

  • electrotherapy

    Treatment timer

    Adjustable treatment timer and compliance meter.

  • Safe to use

    Safe to use

    Electrode alarm, level locking and a guaranteed constant current.

  • technology


    The E-Wave™ comes ready to use in a carrying case complete with lead wires, battery and electrodes.

  • support

    Compatible Accessories

    The remote switch allows either the patient or therapist the ability to trigger a muscle contraction manually.

How to Get Your

Please note: We take all insurances.


Fax your prescription to 866-791-2026 . If you are with a doctor’s office or physical therapy clinic, please include a cover sheet with the clinic/practice name with your fax.


Zynex will take care of the rest! We will call to review insurance information, ship the device to your doorstep, and provide instructions to use it.

If you have already sent in your RX, or received a voicemail from our team to complete the order online, please click here to ship your device.