A Better and Safer Way
To Manage Your Pain


TENS is used to control breakthrough pain

NMES treats muscle spasms and strengthens weak muscles

IFC is like an extended relief opioid

* Occasional minor skin irritation may occur


Respiratory Depression

Opioid Induced Constipation

Nausea, Vomiting, Dry Mouth

Sleepiness and Dizziness

Tiredness Fatigue

Weakness – Muscle Loss

Confusion and Depression

Relationship & Work Issues

Decrease in ADLs


  1. You fax your prescription to us at 866-791-2026. If you are a doctor’s office or physical therapist faxing this over, please include cover sheet with clinic/practice name.
  2. We take care of the rest! We call you and go over insurance information, ship your device, and instruct you on how to use it. To download our custom Prescription form, please click here. If you have already sent in your RX, or have received a voicemail from us stating you can complete your order online, please click here to ship your device.

Please note: We take all insurances.

  • Can Reduce or Eliminate Opioid Use
  • 40x Stronger than TENS
  • Penetrates Deeper to Release Endorphines
  • Pain Relief Can Last for Hours
  • 3-4 Treatments Per Day
  • None of the Side Effects Associated with Opioids or OTC Medications

  • Can Reduce or Eliminate Muscle Opioid Use
  • Use For Breakthrough Pain
  • Use After Interferential Treatment
  • Immediate Onset of Relief
  • Use During Activities
  • None of the Side Effects Associated with Opioids or OTC Medications

  • Can Reduce or Eliminate Muscle Relaxant Use
  • Break Up Muscle Spasms
  • Strengthen Atrophied Muscles
  • Increase ROM & Blood Circulation
  • Improve Overall ADLs
  • None of the Side Effects Associated with Opioids or OTC Medications

IFC Mode

Channel 1 frequency: 4000 Hz
Channel 2 frequency: 4001-4128 Hz

I/F Modes: Low-High, Low, Combo

Muscle Mode: 64 Hz, 6 sec. on, 6 sec. off, ramp up 1 sec., and ramp down 0.5 sec.

Waveform: Symmetrical biphasic


Frequency: 1-125 Hz

Pulse Width: 120-300 μs

Modes: Sweep, High / Low Modulated

Waveform: Symmetrical biphasic


Frequency: 35 Hz
Pulse Width: 480 μs
NMES Modes: 30:10, 20:10, 10:10
On-Time: 10 sec.
Off-Time 30, 20, or 10 sec.
Ramp Up: 3 sec.
Ramp Down: 1 sec.
Waveform: Symmetrical biphasic