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Zynex Cervical Traction Powered by Saunders

Our device is powered by the renowned Saunders brand, ensuring the same reliable performance and effective treatment that has been a cornerstone in cervical traction therapy.


A proven alternative for safe, effective home traction

This device continues Duane Saunders’ 30 year legacy as the premier designer of innovative traction devices. The features allow true replication of clinical treatments - comfort, angle and force of home treatments are identical to what patients would receive in the clinic. Zynex Cervical Traction device greatly enhances patient compliance and satisfaction, and provides a comfortable and effective traction experience at home.

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Watch this instructional video of the CT device

Designed to provide safe and effective home traction. The saunders cervical traction device requires no assembly and comes ready to use. Designed with your comfort and rehabilitation in mind. This compact and lightweight device effectively stretches and re-aligns the neck and spine with assistance of a pump to achieve the perfect traction specific to your preferences.

A Better & Safer Way To Manage Your Pain

Device Features

  • electrotherapy

    Easy to Use

    A portable treatment solution that increases patient compliance and satisfaction

  • electrotherapy


    Traction forces are directed to the back of the head to prevent compression of the TMJ

  • technology


    Innovative design replicates clinical traction and promotes consistency of treatment

  • Safe


    Angles of incline: 15, 20 and 25 degrees

How to get your Zynex CT

Please note: We take all insurances.


Fax your prescription to 866-791-2026 . If you are with a doctor’s office or physical therapy clinic, please include a cover sheet with the clinic/practice name with your fax.


Zynex will take care of the rest! We will call to review insurance information, ship the device to your doorstep, and provide instructions to use it.

If you have already sent in your RX, or received a voicemail from our team to complete the order online, please click here to ship your device.