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SGT. Trevor Wogrin, US Army, suffered from debilitating back pain after an injury while on active duty in Afghanistan.

Trevor recounts his struggles with work, hobbies, and medication before using the NexWave. Trevor now has his life back and can fight another day thanks to the NexWave! The NexWave is a prescription only 3-in-1 device with Interferential, TENS, and NMES. These three proven modalities have been used for over 30 years to help patients manage their pain symptoms.


A Better & Safer Way To Manage Your Pain

Wayne D. via Direct

With this I no longer need to take any pain medication. This takes away all pain!

Jorge R. via Direct

The whole process was very simple. I got my product very quickly. Had no stress in learning how to use it.

Susan A. via Direct

Device came very quick. The representatives I spoke with were also very knowledgeable, concerned and fast. Thank you.

Tami D. via Direct

Is extremely helpful with all my MS and Fibromyalgia and joint pain.

Valerie T. via Direct

NexWave has been a big help with pain management for me! Thank you.

Karla K. via BBB

This company has been great, great products and excellent customer service with; friendly and professional.

Elizabeth P. via Birdeye

My doctor ordered a Zynex Tens unit to help in my pain management. I recieved it in 3-4 days after he ordered it. I had many questions on how to use it correctly. I called in and talked to a very sweet Representative, who patiently answered all my questions and waited while I took notes. With the help I recieved, I am using the unit and with medication it's relieving my pain and numbness. On my way to healing and feeling my fingers again. Thank you to my doctor and the wonderful people at Zynex.

Lesha M. via Birdeye

Thank you for providing an alternative to helping me to manage my pain. I didn't want to depend on medication. The Tens unit allows me to use it as needed and to take it wherever I go. It is a God send. Thanks again.

Teresa J. via Birdeye

After trying another DME business that my insurance provided me, along with Zynex I became frustrated. They just didn't have the knowledge of my insurance needs. After a few days I called Zynex. Within 5 minutes it was a no hassle completed transaction and my DME was on it's way. I was so relieved. Thanks to the staff, I am so appreciative of their work well done!

Latasha P. via Birdeye

Very professional and excellent to work with. Also contacted me within less than 24hrs after leaving the doctor. Highly recommend!!!

Susan E. via Birdeye

I was very pleased with how friendly and helpful the person I spoke to over the phone was. I had lost some small parts of my TENS Unit, I explained what was missing and within a week I received it. That is amazing!! Thank You!

Max S. via Birdeye

Called Zynex customer service for a component related inquiry, and was promptly taken care of. Zynex treated me with utmost importance and respect.

Paul R. via Google

My doctor prescribed the NEX WAVE unit to help me with the pain from a torn meniscus. I ordered the unit on a Friday and received very quickly by Monday . I immediately put the Nex Wave to work.....WOW...AWSOME...THERE IS HOPE..THANK YOU ZYNEX

Beverly J. via Google

The customer service is far beyond just "great"... It was by far the very best interaction I've EVER had with any company!!! They were very curtious & helpful! Went above & beyond their duties to make sure , even though my health insurance did not meet the criteria, that I was able to still get the unit I so badly needed at a SUPER affordable price!

Tracy S. via Google

Ordered on Friday and received TENS unit in Monday’s mail! Awesome. This unit is far better than unit brand it is replacing! Thank You Zynex

Erin F. via Google

Very nice professional people & the Tens unit/interferintial/neurostimulator is AMAZING! It has many modes & levels & it works very well for pain

Patty O. via Google

Very friendly helpful customer support. I sent my contact info via their website Sunday night. I was called first thing Monday morning. The woman from customer support solved my problem quickly even though my device was very old.

Elaine N. via Google

In all the time I was hurt from my shoulder, and received many different tools, and equipment to try and ease my pain, I'd have to say that my 10 unit was what helped me the most. I would definitely recommend Zynex Medical for help with the proper tools to help ease your pain.

C B via Google

very quick shipping, only company that would accept my insurance for a tens unit/e - stim device. so happy i'm getting this to help my pain. company called me same day prescription arrived and sent device all in the same day. very pleased.

Wendy S via Google

Machine works great. I would have given it a 5 star but I didn't get the sleeve my doctor wanted me to wear . Other than that it helps the pain tremendously

Anonymous via Google

Great pain products & excellent plan prices! My experience with them was easy and the Representative here on Laredo, Tx./p>

Heather T. via Google

Doctor ordered this for me. I received a call from the rep and it was sent out immediately. Arrived packaged well and in good shape. I have watched the easy to access videos and used it right away. Very pleased. I will say those electrodes are VERY sticky! Don't get them close to your hair line,folks! lol!

Mara P. via Google

I love my Zynex, it gives me comfort from my pain. I received my unit by mail and started using right away. It works wonders. I able to use it whenever i want, whether i am in bed, sitting, standing or walking. At this point it has worked like a champ for me.

Ann Marie S. via Google

Thank you for a fantastic device. It really helps to keep the circulation going in my knee and relieves a lot of my pain

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